Wastewater Products

Biologicals | wastewater problemsBiological solutions for the wastewater product industry including; BOD Removal, Corrosion & Odor Control, Phosphorous Removal, Fats, Oils & Grease, Hydrocarbons, Nitrification, Biomass Reinforcement, Bio-gas Production, Compound Removal, Environmental Tolerance, Cold Weather, Industrial Bio-cleaning, Solids Management and Upset Recovery.

Chemicals | wastewater problems Whether you need a tote or several tanker loads, we can get you delivered pricing on all of the chemicals required to keep your wastewater operation up and running. We excel at custom orders and hard to find chemicals through our network of vendor partners.

Odor Control and Prevention | wastewater problems Biotechnology is an effective way to eliminate the production of nuisance odors in industrial and municipal wastewater treatment and collection systems. While a variety of wastewater products and strategies exist for odor control, bio augmentation has the unique ability to respond in a dynamic manner. Our approach to controlling odors involves the use of advanced sampling and analytical techniques,  These techniques identify what odor compounds are present, and determine where they are being formed and stripped into the atmosphere. This information is used to develop a bio augmentation program that eliminates existing odors and stops odors from forming in the first place. Odors from a wastewater facility are not only an annoyance for neighbors, but also a safety concern for workers. (We also have Biological solutions for the control and removal of malodorous compounds that can help solve tough odor issues without chemicals.)

Polymers | wastewater problemsThe increasing role that polymers play in our industry cannot be overstated. BioConversion Technology carries a full line of polymers from all major manufacturers. A variety of molecular weights are available and each blend is custom tailored to your particular needs. A BioConversion Technology representative will come to your plant and run jar tests to find the perfect polymer for your application.

Equipment | wastewater problemsProfessional-grade water and wastewater processing equipment can make your operation more efficient, safe, and cost-effective. BioConversion Technology only sells the most reliable processing equipment in the industry. If you have special needs or would like to know more about using emerging technology to make your plant the best it can be, give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your needs