Cost of Corrosion in the Wastewater Industry – North America

Cost of Corrosion What is the cost of corrosion and how can it be reduced in the waste water industry? In a 2002 study by the Federal Highway Administration it was determined that the economic impact of corrosion was substantial. Substantial equates to about two hundred seventy six BILLION dollars. In 2002 that was more than 3 percent of the United States gross domestic production. The leading contributor in that study was the water and wastewater industry. Nearly 40 billion dollars in costs are associated with corrosion. As we all know corrosion leads to failures, high maintenance, and premature repairs. So how can we, as partners in this industry, combat the corrosion problem? First and foremost is education. Through education the decision makers at every level need to be aware of the products and services that are available to prevent and limit the damages caused by corrosion. In many cases the cost of repairs and new facilities using modern technology are not any more expensive when you consider the reduction in long term maintenance and repairs. In most cases you can actually see that they save money and some products might actually pay for themselves. There are many products that address the corrosion problems faced by municipalities each year. From large PVC coated metal pipes or conduit to plastic lubricated caps that protect anchor bolts/nuts and pipe flange fasteners. When the overall project is considered, we can see plenty of room for improvement when it comes to corrosion prevention. We have many issues that can be addressed with masonry/concrete, metal pipes and fixtures, valves, nuts, bolts, pneumatic and electric controls, etc. Now more than ever the water and wastewater industry needs to consider the impact of corrosion on the consumer, tax payer, and on the environment. Source: NACE International - The premier authority for corrosion control solutions. Sap-Seal Products - Sales and production of nut and bolt caps that prevent corrosion and reduce repair time. World Corrosion Organization - Raising awareness about corrosion and corrosion protection throughout the world. Federal Highway Administration - Provides stewardship over the new construction of highways, bridges and tunnels as well as preservation and maintenance.