BCT-OX™ | Patented Microbial/Chemical Blend


Untreated FOG can build up in collection systems, causing both flow and equipment issues. BioConversion’s patented technology can significantly reduce grease buildup and improve collection system performance while treating odor and corrosion in the system.


BioConversion Technology is the complete solution for your industrial or municipal wastewater needs.



What is BCT-OX™ ?

  • Degrades organics, fats, oils and grease (FOG) as well as odors, and it prevents corrosion in collection systems.
  • Furthermore, BCT-OX performs well on proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, making it ideal for these problems.
  • Prevents generation of sulfides in sewer systems by effectively helping to maintain “aerobic” type conditions in the sewage. Additionally, organic matter is consumed, preventing anaerobic conditions downstream.


What does BCT-OX™  do?

  • Minimizes costly blockages, emergency cleaning, and jetting.
  • Produce lipase, amylase, protease and other key enzymes needed to metabolize grease. A respiratory modifier simultaneously prevents the formation of H2S by sulfate-reducing bacteria while enabling high rates of grease degradation.
  • Degrades and digests grease, short- and long-chain fatty acids, proteins, lipids and carbohydrates – removing the cause of FOG and odor problems.
  • Alleviates low pH problems caused by sulfide reduction by breaking down fatty acids under anoxic conditions.
  • Is very effective in low D.O. situations.
  • Is environmentally-friendly formulation that won’t harm pumps or mechanical systems.
  • BCT-OX™ can reduce line maintenance costs, lower grease disposal costs and reduce capital equipment expenditures.
  • Can be applied manually or by using an automatic dosing system.
  • Can help reduce the risk of sewer corrosion.


How does BCT-OX™ perform?

Three lift stations feed into a common manhole, with a 16,000 feet run and a 24″ force main. The line experienced sulfite levels over 32 ppm, and air levels with peaks over 1000 ppm. BioConversion Technology (BCT) was contacted to assist. BCT visited the site; assessed the situation; and recommended a program using BCT-OX™.

After treatment, air levels were significantly reduce to below 10 ppm, and disolved Sulfide level’s were reduced to 3.5-4.0.

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