Waste-water management  

BioConversion Technology is the complete solution for your industrial or municipal wastewater needs.

We primarily serve clients in Southeast. Our services include consultation, training, processing equipment, process evaluation and control, microscopic analysis, and providing commodity chemicals and custom bacterial and polymer blends. Our consultants can optimize and improve your system performance and assist during emergency upset recovery.

Get the best performance from your wastewater system.

Having a consulting partner, like BioConversion Technology, can help you achieve this goal by having a single point of contact for monitoring, lab services, and products. This helps to reduce costs and decrease response times as you address your day-to-day efficiency issues as well as preventing emergencies.

Our team of seasoned professionals can work with you to formulate a custom plan.

From small municipalities to large industrial operations, our clients depend on our reliable customer service and scientific expertise to keep their operations running smoothly. Give us a call today to discuss how we can work together to reduce your costs and keep your system on track!